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Welcome to the Members Only Area!


It’s finally here! Finally, a membership website for our organization, USSONAR.

As promised, we are building out our website for our members after years of having the website solely devoted to the Fundamentals program.

Whether you were a graduate of Fundamentals recently, in the late 2000s or 2010s, or have joined USSONAR as a novice because of a desire to get started off learning ultrasound, we hope that this website will help you progress further as we continue to use ultrasound in various ways to improve our care of our patients!

Our opening is modest, but we hope that as time goes on, we will start offering more on the website. For starters, we are featuring some of the USSONAR publications and their links, some of our past Grand Rounds talks, as well as past newsletters. A calendar of activities has also been posted – starting off with our Ultrasound Guided Synovial Biopsy (UGSBy) course mid-October, followed by our Annual Business Meeting November 11th (hybrid). We are also planning our Winter and Spring courses including in-person 2-day beginner and intermediate courses for our novice or advanced beginner and even proficient learners seeking mastery – so please stay tuned for those.

We also have posted our directory of members. We shall soon be launching our online Journal Club and building out our committee webpages and folders.

In order to optimize our organization’s offerings to you, we encourage everyone to please fill out your profile page. Help us to help you!

I also would like to highlight an update to our logo. What used to be the triangular grey and white logo is now replaced by a sleek design with sans serif font featuring our organization name in acronym and spelled out, bordered by reverberating ultrasound waves.

So while we ask you to be patient and to please excuse our dust as we continue to enhance our website, we encourage you to take a look around and explore!

Karina Torralba, MD, MACM, RhMSUS
USSONAR Board President